Monarch Litho | Green Business Practices

Environmental Mission Statement

Monarch Litho believes all residents have a right to live and work in an environment of clean air water and land and is committed to under take all necessary steps to comply with whatever is required to ensure the protection from environmental pollution.


  1. Ensure the compliance with all regulations Federal, State and local.
  2. Ensure the protection of air water and land by monitoring the waste streams produced and their final disposition.
  3. Operate efficiently and in a manner sensitive to the welfare of our employees our neighbors the community and the environment.


  • All waste paper is recycled.
  • All waste by-products generated during printing operations is recycle or reuse.
  • Aluminum from printing plates is recycled.
  • All ink leftover ink is recycled.
  • All solvent is reclaimed or recycled.
  • All wood from pallets is recycled.
  • Silver in our waste stream has been eliminated through the use of digital systems requiring no film.
  • Reduction of energy consumption through the use of variable-speed air compressors and energy efficient lighting.
  • Reduction of water usage through installation of water free urinals.